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Worst Christmas TV Ever! And there is not even a probably about it

Well, the Christmas programming has popped its head out and it might as well not have bothered. It gets worse and worse every year. At one time Christmas used to be when all the new and unseen stuff was on the TV. I could not wait to get hold of the Christmas ‘TV Times’ to […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

As the one avid reader of this blog knows, I finished my new novel in May and ever since it has been out in the market. First batch of submissions to literary agents totalled 11, although this included a couple of publishers too, and I have this week received the final rejection. Unlike on previous […]

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My novel was finished in May and since then I have been trying to interest a literary agent. A submission went out to ten and there have been some delays / false starts but the last rejection came in yesterday. This time there was a difference. Their website stated that even if they do not […]

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Yes, I acquired my 8th rejection of the new novel yesterday. In actual fact, this was the first agent I sent it out to on 23/5 but they had IT problems and never received it, so last week I sent it to them again. They turned it around quickly even though the agent I spoke […]

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