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A whole new ball game?

When I saw the participants coming out of the tunnel for last night’s match my first thought was, about time. England won 5 – 0 yesterday against Andorra. Nothing surprising about that. They were expected to and it was only a matter of how many times the team could penetrate a jam packed defence. Nothing […]

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The sheer relief of standing by a pump. Who would have believed it? The first time since mid-August that I have filled up the car. How long has Petrolgate been going on? I know it was a Friday that it all kicked off. I only found out because I was out for a walk and […]

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No, a little bird did not tell me

I have to do a test post to check network settings as there seems to be a problem with my Facebook page, so I thought I might as well tell my readers – well the one regular reader at any rate – about my current attack on Twitter. When my books first went on sale […]

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Best advert on TV at the moment? The one where two reality stars are skipped over by Anna Friel – notice I knew Anna Friel but not who the reality stars were. Splat!

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