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By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 13th February 2022 One Comment 2 min read
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If I had a dog it would have to be a Melon Collie, especially at this time of year heading to another ticking over of the clock. Time to review my standing in the writing world as my attack on Twitter – whilst providing humour to little clusters of people with my rapier wit –  is proving less than successful in getting my name out there and thus increasing book sales. Taking this together with the failure so far to acquire an agent for the new book, things are not looking so bright or orange at the moment. On the other hand they do say orange is the new black, which is in fact how things do look.

My writing efforts only equate to a hobby so far, or so the Inland Revenue told me a few years back when I tried to register as a business so I could write off any royalties against the substantial debts I have incurred. I decided to do a sort of profit and loss exercise, except that there is no profit.

Title Publication Cost Copies Sold Royalties
Trance 1991 £4,700 72 £250
Trouble Cross 2012 £3,700 21 £115.41
Rewind 2012 £1,800 65
Once Upon A Week 2019 £700 23
TOTAL   £10,900 181 £365.41

Trance was a print run which is dead and gone so this cannot earn any more. Trouble Cross has now been split into three constituent parts based because a reviewer and a friend both stated the main story would be better without the embellishment. Rewind and Once Upon A Week have positive reviews and if these could just get seen by a wider audience things might take off.

Therefore, I am experimenting with pushing these and to see how many I can sell in the week until my birthday. Money is not the object, getting a wider audience is. Let us see what the position is this time next week then.

The Library has an overview of all books, reviews that have been given and links to view or buy on Amazon.

The Library

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  1. seeing those numbers is kind of depressing.. but at the same time being a writer is not about how much money you make but about the people that you can touch. if you can impact just one person in a positive way with your words, then that is priceless in itself