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You invented a time machine? Out of a television?

Today is an historic day! Time travel – is it possible? A question that has intrigued man (and women) since the dawn of … er … well, time. Numerous TV shows, films and books have prophesied what might happen if this was possible. I have even written about it myself – ‘Rewind’ available on Amazon […]

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Distinctly Pear Shaped

I think I spoke too soon. Dai the dragon caused me a little trouble and then “poof” everything has gone wrong. The little trouble was that although I had successfully changed the front cover on Once Upon A Time e-book version, I could not get it to work on the paperback. Two phone calls to […]

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My Writing Story

Or: How to write books but fail to influence people

My quest to become a writer has been going on for years but not enough people have read my books so far and this is the reason for this website.

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