The Puzzle ↗

Two different guys get a strange delivery on the same day. What do Danny Andrews, grieving gambler, and Detective Inspector Tony Tate have in common?

The Whole in One: Portfolio of Nobody ↗

A writer’s journey from first dodgy novel to the last book published, a children’s book of fairy tales. All in chronological order and with backgrounds to the stories.

Trouble Cross ↗

Thomas Robel, a newly established insurance investigator, is so desperate for his first case he is set upon a tortuous trail by a mysterious American woman.

Rewind ↗

Everyone has wished sometime or another they could go back in time and have the chance to do something over again. Jason West has wished these many times.

Once Upon a Week ↗

Seven new never seen before fairy stories, each based around a proverb. Witches, dragons and trolls, with a life lesson thrown in, and maybe the odd parent chuckle along the way.

Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate

Pratt, Pratt. Wally and Pratt are a newly formed firm of insurance investigators, although only one person works there, Thomas Robel. He gets his first case from a mysterious American woman who appears unannounced at the office.

T is for…

Thomas Robel’s new insurance client is acting suspiciously and he carries out his own investigation only to get caught up in kidnap and murder.

A short prequel to Trouble Cross

Doctor Oh No!

Short James Bond spoof from the 80’s lifted from the pages of Trouble Cross.

S.P.I.D.E.R. operative Sindy Cobweb, W7, attempts to rescue a missing scientist and his eyesight formula from the combined enemy forces of S.M.A.S.H. and S.C.E.P.T.I.C. in their Egyptian lair.

Blog writer; Book author…

  • Monday Horribilis

    Monday Horribilis

    I thought of writing a post Sunday, tried to write it yesterday and but couldn’t finish until today. It might be the chronic fatigue I was diagnosed with in November. Or it might be it was just Monday Horribilis yesterday. Monday’s are universally the worst day of the week, but a Monday after being offwork…

  • Daggers Out!

    Daggers Out!

    Julie Andrews won the Best Actress Oscar for Mary Poppins (1964). It would not happen today. Not for a Disney family film. Just as I am unlikely to watch today’s Oscar winning films, so too was I never going to write a Booker Prize or Nobel winning piece of literature. The best I could ever…



    My new book is out, and I should be over the moon but I’m not. I don’t have that euphoric feeling that I see with other writers on Twitter when they have a book coming out. Why is that? Experience for one thing. I now have 9 books on Amazon which is a somewhat skewed…

  • Twas the day before Christmas

    Twas the day before Christmas

    Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the flat Not a creature was stirring, except for one lowly pratt, No stockings were hung by the chimney with care, No hopes that anybody soon would be there, When living so long, with nothing to show, At this time of the year, there is no inner…

  • Failure to Launch

    Failure to Launch

    I finished writing ‘The Puzzle’ in May 2021 and have been trying to find an agent or publisher since. Fifty rejections – or in the majority of cases just silences – later and I entered it in the Readers’ Favorite 2023 Competition for an entry price of $119. The results were out today and whilst…

  • We’re all going on a bummer holiday

    We’re all going on a bummer holiday

    My holiday officially starts today, as yesterday was a Bank Holiday, and I don’t think I have ever dreaded two weeks off work more. Not that I want to be working but it is going to be just like a work week without the work. Not going away. No money. In the flat alone as…

  • WC is full of W

    WC is full of W

    The white flag from my last blog is still flying – well, probably lying limply on the flagpole really – although it might be a little larger now. Things are spiralling out of control. That last blog missed out another cross I have had to bear for years. In addition to being consistently alone, no…

  • White Flag

    White Flag

    I have not posted a blog in some time – other than the Wordle League table – and this may not change any time soon. Since I hit the zero birthday in February everything has come to a stop, not that things were zooming along anyway. I look back on not a life but an…

  • Once Upon a Week

    Once Upon a Week

    Now, this is my first effort in the area of children’s writing and I didn’t know if they would be any good, so I asked a couple of primary school teachers to read them.

  • Rewind Review

    Rewind Review

    Rewind by David A. Wardle is the story of Jason, who commits suicide on his 40th birthday in the year 2003. However, he doesn’t end up dead but wakes up in his eight-year-old body in the year 1971.

  • Get it Whilst it’s Hot!

    Get it Whilst it’s Hot!

    I have finally taken the plunge again and signed a contract with Austin Macauley to publish this book in printed form. Part of this will mean a new e-book version so the existing one on Amazon will have to be unpublished.



    Chapter 1 – Off to P S.P.I.D.E.R. Sindy Cobweb lay on the beach in the French Riviera soaking up the sun, trying to get the chill of her first assignment out of her bones. Arctic Roll Call had taken three weeks to complete out of which two and a half weeks had been spent in…

  • Wordle Wonder League – 6 Day Sprint – July 24

    Wordle Wonder League – 6 Day Sprint – July 24

    Position Name Games Points Ave PPG 1 Barking 6 26 4.2 2 Davy Hogg 6 25 4.0 3 Arturo Yee 6 24 4.0 4 Beccy 6 24 4.0 5 CMA Summer Camp 6 24 4.0 6 Furious of Brexitshire 6 24 4.0 7 Graeme Scath Lloyd 6 24 4.0 8 Joshua McTree 6 24 4.0…

  • Wordle Wonder League @ 30/6/24

    Wordle Wonder League @ 30/6/24

    Position Name Games Points Ave PPG 1 UdHotRed 30 117 3.9 2 Arturo Yee 30 116 3.9 3 Davy Hogg 30 116 3.8 4 Mick W. 30 114 3.8 5 Nicola R. 30 113 3.9 6 Furious of Brexitshire 29 113 3.7 7 Martens 30 112 3.7 8 Barking 30 111 3.7 9 Beccy 30…

  • Wordle Wonder league @ 22/6/24

    Wordle Wonder league @ 22/6/24

    Position Name Games Points Ave PPG 1 Arturo Yee 22 88 4.0 2 UdHotRed 22 87 3.9 3 Davy Hogg 22 86 3.9 4 Nicola R. 22 85 4.0 5 Furious of Brexitshire 21 85 3.8 6 Mick W. 22 84 3.8 7 Tinku 22 84 3.7 8 Barking 22 82 3.7 9 Elba 22…


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