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  • Once Upon a Week

    Once Upon a Week

    Now, this is my first effort in the area of children’s writing and I didn’t know if they would be any good, so I asked a couple of primary school teachers to read them.

  • Rewind Review

    Rewind Review

    Rewind by David A. Wardle is the story of Jason, who commits suicide on his 40th birthday in the year 2003. However, he doesn’t end up dead but wakes up in his eight-year-old body in the year 1971.

  • Football? A funny old game!

    Football? A funny old game!

    “And welcome to the inaugural match of the new Deluxe Paints Primership. My name is John Dotson and this is football but not as we know it.” “How do you mean, John?” “That viewers, is one of my co-commentators for today, Andrea Grey. And as she well knows this is a new league set up […]

  • The Post With no Name

    The Post With no Name

    Better news on the book front. The printed versions now look like they may go ahead. Bad news – the football season is nearing the end. Not a vintage season – fact quite a poor one – still the question is do we want to win tomorrow at home (come on your Spurs!) or next […]