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  • Executive Stress

    Executive Stress

    Captain’s Worklog Commrate 20%The elite force of the Brokeship Sedgwickise is the PRAT (Public Relations Action Team) Division. Always out in their company shuttles trying to build up a rapport with alien worlds. Chief PRAT is Colonel Hodge-Podge, with an eye on the main chance his always ready to offload his case files to his […]

  • Wigs in Space!

    Wigs in Space!

    For those of you excitedly waiting for Comm Cheque 2 I have made a Boo Boo. There are two small intermissions first – well, I did do this work in 1989 and didn’t remember the order.

  • In The Beginning

    In The Beginning

    I have been having a clear out at home and I was surprised how much I’ve written over the years other than the three novels. Where did this all begin- the fallacy that I could write? Well, I think I’ve already mentioned the story competition at school and then deciding to see if I actually […]