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Well, the review on “Rewind” has been out a week and what has this done to sales – you guess it, absolutely zip. Readers Favorite is a US site I believe and therefore may not have a lot of impact on the UK.  This blog reaches about two people and maybe a dozen more stumble across it so the word – unlike the truth- is not out there. Yet no increase in US sales either but it could be my humour doesn’t
travel well. I don’t know if the reviewer is American but they found it “entertaining and witty”.

Yet, my other book “Trouble Cross” was written as an attempt at out and out comedy thriller. When I offered it for free for two days at the beginning of August 108 copies were download and 53 of these were from the US store. None since and strangely not one customer review from any of  108.

What I need I think is for Stephen Fry to read one (or both of them) of them. With his 5,000,000 twitter followers, sales would rocket if he approved. On the other hand if he felt they stank then sales could hardly fall off could they. Maybe just the mention of his name may get some of them checking this out. A very intelligent guy and one who got me into reading Wodehouse, or rather I should say it was a bit of Fry and Laurie. Their Jeeves and Wooster TV series in the early 90’s was my introduction although I didn’t start reading the books until years later after I watched the series again on DVD.

I remember reading  that Stephen Fry said he was panned by some critics who felt he was too old for the role of Jeeves at the time. I believe he also said that they had only tapped into about half the stories. What if they could finish off those now? Twenty years older for Jeeves would be OK but could Hugh Laurie still come across as the loveable buffoon after 8 years as the irascible House. The US would lap it up.

I get ideas like that. I once wrote to George Lucas to suggest that the Star Wars story carried on after Return of the Jedi in view of the many books that had been written to carry on the saga. I actually suggested a TV series – it worked for Stargate – but his assistant wrote back saying this was not on the cards and sending me an R2D2 bookmark.

I also wrote to Gerry Anderson with an idea to finish off “Space 1999” as a film called “Journey’s End” but heard nothing back.

And I wrote to Tony Curtis with my idea for “The New Persuaders” with Jamie Lee Curtis and Deborah Moore to carry on as the next generation. This was a mistake and I should have written to Sir Roger but I had no contact address. TC was in the UK and had been on TV so I just wrote to the studio and asked them to pass it on.

I get these stupid ideas from time to time. I have ideas for my next book. I should be writing again because my usual 4 year gap between novels has now stretched to 5. The lack of interest in the current ones is affecting my enthusiasm I guess. I have two ideas in mind and have dabbled in the first chapters on both but not with conviction. If I ever get a following I might ask for a vote.

Anyway, not wanting to labour the point but if there are 5,000,000 twitter followers out there who can afford 97p then maybe I could give up insurance and write full time.

Think link and don’t blink.

Nanu nanu.






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