Get it Whilst it’s Hot!


Who or what for I hear you ask?

The blog?

Rosemary, the telephone operator?

Moysie, the mild mannered manager?
Could be?

Phooey! A little Mata of a new signing will keep things phutting along unnicely for a while.

No, in fact it could be this blog but definitely “Trouble Cross” at 97p.

I have finally taken the plunge again and signed a contract with Austin Macauley to publish this book in printed form. Part of this will mean a new e-book version so the existing one on Amazon will have to be unpublished. The pricing is then out of my hands. It is going to cost me more money to do this but it is time to take a bigger risk I feel. At least one of the stories I laboured 4 years of my spare time on will be a proper book – only 14 years after I finished it.

Yes, it could also be the end of this blog. Shush. I can hear the cheers from here. Yet just like I hope TC will rise from the ashes so might a new improved version. Our computer guy at work – Jedi Smith – has the power to create me a website which will attract more traffic. I am seriously thinking about this to increase my infamy, although I have trouble trying (and failing) to keep up an entertaining blog, let alone a website.

There was a little upturn in sales this week. One sale of each book sent me up the ratings from nearly 400,000 to 60,000. A pity no more followed or I could have got up higher and maybe get noticed in the Amazon search lists. I wonder what effect it would have if there were 10 quick sales. I know let’s experiment. I need a few volunteers from the audience. OK? Right. You there, and you, and you up there in my home town of Manchester. Get your fingers ready and click on one of the links now.

Now, that wasn’t so bad was it. Not bad for less than a GBP. If there are any results I will trumpet them next week.

In other news, a new type of bird was discovered this week that only east curry – a Kormarant.

Make em laugh. That is what Donald O’Connor sang in “Singing In the Rain” and that’s what my books endeavour to do. And if not, well, everyone likes a trier. Don’t they?

Nanu nanu.

(Trade Descriptions Disclaimer – there is a typo in the title to this blog. In no way can this blog nor the two books it strives to promote be termed “hot”. In my defence “h” and “n” are quite close on the keyboard.)