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  • Free Wishes

    Free Wishes

    I have bowed to public non-demand and initiated a free promotion. One of my novels – Trouble Cross – is going to be available to download at nil pence on Friday 2nd August and Saturday 3rd August. What more can you wish for?

  • The Truth is Out There!

    The Truth is Out There!

    One sale this week – which makes a total of one in June. Still, I have now sent both manuscripts to a proper publisher for consideration as printed books.

  • Fairy Tale of New Dork

    Fairy Tale of New Dork

    Being low in the Kindle rankings the only thing to do – other than ask you to denote 97p to a penniless author – is do something new which will be therefore nearer the top. Some years ago I started writing some proverb fairy tales.

  • The Best Two Books on Kindle

    The Best Two Books on Kindle

    So you are here. Below are comments from an evaluation of my two books from a third party who didn’t know me from Adam. They might be OTT but why not try the link if they tweak your interest. (By the way ‘Tommy Trouble’ was a working title and is now ‘Trouble Cross'”.