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  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    It has been a while as predicted – but then who has missed me? I thought so. Still for anyone that has been following my ill-fated quest to to get to the bottom of the worst seller list I have news.

  • Untitled post 739

    Not been on here for a while. Last week was a bad week. I got sacked by my publisher by a stinking email. This means the print versions are out of the window. Or does it? I was pointed in the direction of proper book publisher that may be interested. They were enough so to […]

  • Oho Chongo!

    Oho Chongo!

    Well, no sales again this week but even worse is that the print versions are now in doubt. Haven’t heard from the guy publishing them in two weeks now. Getting no response to emails and some past articles from Mirror investigators have come to light regarding his previous companies.

  • The Only Way is up!

    The Only Way is up!

    After the surge in sales last week of 1, back to none this week. Still my puzzling has recovered to previous levels after the Bank Holiday slump and a colleague at work believes he can help me vastly improve this blog on the landscape. Watch this space.