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    I seem to have been waiting for ages for it to happen and now it has. Obviously I am not talking about the football which was a dismal disappointment. No, I am talking about something much more Pointless. It is a show I watch constantly. Even the repeats which continue like a neverending roundabout.. Even […]

  • Amazed Shunner!

    Amazed Shunner!

    Some say that life imitates art but I have just seen a film when art not only imitated but predicted real life. It was called Maze Runner: The Death Cure – the third and final film of a trilogy. Now for me Maze Runner has been one of those films that I have watched because […]

  • Lockdown 3 – This Time It’s Serious!

    Lockdown 3 – This Time It’s Serious!

    Some discerning people predicted another lockdown after Christmas and here it is. Not that you can tell from the traffic outside though. The third lockdown in nearly ten months. What you don’t know is that we are trying to beat a certain franchise. Which one? Well, let’s put it this way they got to seven […]

  • Who is that masked man?

    Who is that masked man?

    So what has been happening in the two months of my blog hole? Well, there has been the gradual easing of the lockdown which some people said was too early and that the government were forced into it because of the inability of the population to take restrictions seriously. The really hot weather we had […]