Lockdown 3 – This Time It’s Serious!

Some discerning people predicted another lockdown after Christmas and here it is. Not that you can tell from the traffic outside though. The third lockdown in nearly ten months. What you don’t know is that we are trying to beat a certain franchise. Which one? Well, let’s put it this way they got to seven – Mission to Moscow.

Lockdown – the series so far:

  • Lockdown (The Prequel) – two sets of couples on Pointless get the same score and the chanting monks are called for.
  • Lockdown (The Original) – You’re Kidding Right?
  • Lockdown 2 – The Search for More Toilet Roll!
  • Lockdown 3 – This Time It’s Serious!

And forthcoming attractions later in 2021:

  • Lockdown 4 – Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back To The Water Cooler!
  • Lockdown 5 – A Long Time To Go With A Normalcy Far, Far, Away …
  • Lockdown 6 – Try Harder With A Vengeance!
  • Lockdown 7 – A Covid Christmas Carol 2 – Where is Whiney Jim?

This time next year then we should be able to overtake Mahoney and his cohorts. Hum the tune if you know it.