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Red the Dead

Thirty years of the Premier League and officially the worst season for the red half of Manchester. It made me wonder about a comparison of the first PL league team that won the inaugural season and the bunch of misfits we have now. Schmeichel Parker Bruce Pallister Irwin Ince Sharpe Giggs McClair Hughes Cantona This […]

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Not Quite Ian Rankings!

So here I am just back from the hospital, sitting here trying to get comfortable with a back sore with needle jabs. It is probably the fifth procedure I have had on my back in say 7 years with varying success but no permanency. Back pain seems to be an ever present corollary to my […]

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A Song for Good Friday  

Good Friday Good Friday I’ve written my whole life through Good Friday Good Friday to you. Good Friday Good Friday It’s great to read a book Good Friday Good Friday to you. When I first began to write the stars were not in sight Now all celebs publish away and it’s time to launch a […]

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Write On!

If I had a dog it would have to be a Melon Collie, especially at this time of year heading to another ticking over of the clock. Time to review my standing in the writing world as my attack on Twitter – whilst providing humour to little clusters of people with my rapier wit –  […]

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