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  • WC is full of W

    WC is full of W

    The white flag from my last blog is still flying – well, probably lying limply on the flagpole really – although it might be a little larger now. Things are spiralling out of control. That last blog missed out another cross I have had to bear for years. In addition to being consistently alone, no […]

  • White Flag

    White Flag

    I have not posted a blog in some time – other than the Wordle League table – and this may not change any time soon. Since I hit the zero birthday in February everything has come to a stop, not that things were zooming along anyway. I look back on not a life but an […]

  • We don’t need another zero!

    We don’t need another zero!

    Freak out time. Another birthday is looming and it is a scary zero one. There are many people that do not like the aging process but for me it is really painful. Every year I find it so and especially so every ten years. I cannot identify with the number and it freaks me out […]

  • HRH QEII R.I.P. but keep perspective

    HRH QEII R.I.P. but keep perspective

    Yesterday was the bearer of the saddest news and I don’t need to explain what that was. I am not pro or anti Royals myself but like everyone I am saddened by her passing. I was born well into her reign and the queen has always been there in the background. I am not grief […]