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Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

Those words are the first in my novel ‘Rewind’ which was my last novel, but they are relevant to my new one. Time is ticking down on my submission to three literary agents. As I mentioned before this is the time of demoralisation, with long periods of no news and then the inevitable rejection email. […]

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I seem to have been waiting for ages for it to happen and now it has. Obviously I am not talking about the football which was a dismal disappointment. No, I am talking about something much more Pointless. It is a show I watch constantly. Even the repeats which continue like a neverending roundabout.. Even […]

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The Italian Job - the long awaited sequel

I keep hearing that something historic is supposed to be happening today. Drop me a line if you know what that is please. I could include it in my blog if only I knew. Anyway. So we fought off the Viking hoards and now have to face the Roman legions. This time it is not […]

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Knock! Knock!

Who’s there? Val! Val who? Valhalla! Yep, who would have Thort it. Tonight the Vikings. Then if we survive that, bring on the Romans. Against the might of two armies we have but a single Kane to defend ourselves. Oh din of 60,000 aid us in our battle for survival. We want no bad Loki […]

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