Amazed Shunner!

Some say that life imitates art but I have just seen a film when art not only imitated but predicted real life. It was called Maze Runner: The Death Cure – the third and final film of a trilogy. Now for me Maze Runner has been one of those films that I have watched because it was on and there was nothing else to watch, so when the second film was on TV I had to ask myself, had I seen the first? This time, had I seen the second? It turned out both answers were yes because I eventually remembered the story.

Anyway, the over arcing story is about a plague called The Flare which eats into a persons brain and turns them into savage cannibals. It is spreading so fast that there are only a minority of unaffected people. This includes some that are immune and these people are caught and experimented on to find a cure.

The world is mainly a wasteland but the baddies, I.E. WCKD, are safe in a walled off city. Now in this film, there are a few scenes of normal city life with people walking the streets and the like. It is like a snapshot of today with half the people walking about with what look like surgical masks on. It came out though in 2018, well before anyone had heard of Wuhan and Covid. Spooky!

There is another similarity in that in the film there is name for people who have caught the disease – cranks – as opposed to here and now where people who have not suffered because of the disease are getting ‘cranky’ because their liberty is being restricted.

Let’s hope it does not finish like the film where there is just one safe haven left with a handful of unaffected people.

Yesterday, there was not a snowflake in the sky at 9 am but by 11 am we were leaving footprints in the white stuff. The local bike store was open selling plastic sleds to kids. And when I say open they were selling from the doorway, not in the shop, with the sleds piled outside. Now, we are in a lockdown situation and here are people encouraging kids to go out sledging and mingling on any downward slope they can find. From what I could see business was booming but lockdown was going downhill.

It is snow joke! Yes, I did use that very old one. Lockdown means stay in! Lockdown means keep your kids in! If everyone does not conform we are all on a slippery slope.