I seem to have been waiting for ages for it to happen and now it has. Obviously I am not talking about the football which was a dismal disappointment. No, I am talking about something much more Pointless. It is a show I watch constantly. Even the repeats which continue like a neverending roundabout.. Even after my team mate and I creamed the opposition at an audition and didn’t get on the show. Even when I handed over individually signed copies of one of my novels for the two hosts with no response. What have I been waiting for?

I was waiting for a lockdown. The time when two or more teams have the same score and there is chanting, the call for monks and much frivolity. I have presupposed before on here what would happen on the show in the aftermath of permanently locked down Covid Britain.

This evening there was one. Not a murmur of monks or any chanting. A mere reference to scores being tied and the need for each team to give another answer. Not even a joke from either host about everyone being fed up with lockdowns. What a lockdown letdown.

Letdown? Much like the football. Everyone seems to be saying hard luck but you did us proud. Not me. I say they threw it away. A brilliant start had the Italians rocking and in the first 20 minutes while that lasted we should have gone for the jugular. Instead we sit back and let them get back in the game. Then in extra time we seemed to settle for penalties, brining on subs just for that purpose. How lame is that? Not only were they totally cold and asked to put the ball in the net but they should have been brought on earlier to try and change the game. Close. The closest I have seen but no applause.

Lockdown. Letdown. Lionless. What an L of a last few days.