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  • Not Quite Ian Rankings!

    Not Quite Ian Rankings!

    So here I am just back from the hospital, sitting here trying to get comfortable with a back sore with needle jabs. It is probably the fifth procedure I have had on my back in say 7 years with varying success but no permanency. Back pain seems to be an ever present corollary to my […]



    Yes, I acquired my 8th rejection of the new novel yesterday. In actual fact, this was the first agent I sent it out to on 23/5 but they had IT problems and never received it, so last week I sent it to them again. They turned it around quickly even though the agent I spoke […]

  • Spread a little Kindleness at Christmas

    Spread a little Kindleness at Christmas

    Twas nearly the week before Christmas and in Book World things are not going well. The marketing push I paid for, which was ostensibly to produce reviews to spread the word, has nearly run its course with no results whatsoever. More money into a black hole of expense. I have been doing my own review, […]

  • Silence Please!

    Silence Please!

    Whisper it from the rooftops – the Library is open! I wanted people to be able read what all my books were about, what people have said about them and be able to click to them easily – all in one place, so I have now created The Library. This is a page from the […]