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  • Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

    Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

    Those words are the first in my novel ‘Rewind’ which was my last novel, but they are relevant to my new one. Time is ticking down on my submission to three literary agents. As I mentioned before this is the time of demoralisation, with long periods of no news and then the inevitable rejection email. […]

  • Football? It’s a sunny new game!

    Football? It’s a sunny new game!

    “Football? It’s a funny old game!” Who first coined that expression? In my mind this statement is synonymous with Jimmy Greaves back when I was a kid watching ‘Saint and Greavsie’. It’s not a funny old game anymore. It’s a bloody frustrating game. I am not just saying this on the back of two 0 […]

  • All’s VAR in Skulduggery and Football

    All’s VAR in Skulduggery and Football

    There are two major talking points that are rearing their heads with frequent monotony this season – VAR and fixture congestion – and I would imagine that both of these are bones of contention with fans but for differing reasons. VAR has to be reviewed and I think everyone is in agreement with that but […]

  • Distinctly Pear Shaped

    Distinctly Pear Shaped

    I think I spoke too soon. Dai the dragon caused me a little trouble and then “poof” everything has gone wrong. The little trouble was that although I had successfully changed the front cover on Once Upon A Time e-book version, I could not get it to work on the paperback. Two phone calls to […]