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  • The Post With No Name!

    The Post With No Name!

    Hello Dear Reader, it’s been a while. It has been one of those nights. I actually went to bed late, 1am, and was still awake at 2 am when believe it or not someone rang my buzzer. It was only a couple of quick buzzes and it was not repeated so I didn’t answer. The […]

  • Write On!

    Write On!

    If I had a dog it would have to be a Melon Collie, especially at this time of year heading to another ticking over of the clock. Time to review my standing in the writing world as my attack on Twitter – whilst providing humour to little clusters of people with my rapier wit –  […]

  • 100 NOT OUT! – YET

    100 NOT OUT! – YET

    It was 14th December 2012 and at last my novels were available to the general public and no longer hiding away in a drawer. Alas not in bookshops but as self published kindle versions. I remember asking the guy who published them for me – how do I sell them? The answer was via social […]

  • WORD UP!

    WORD UP!

    Have you ever wondered how words get added to the dictionary? Who decides to add them and when? These questions briefly came to mind during ‘Pointless’ in a round on words added to the dictonary in 2019. I think it was the Oxford English Dictionary but don’t quote me on that bit. There were five […]