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  • Thank you VARy much

    Thank you VARy much

    One of my novels is now available as a paperback on Amazon as well as an e-book. “Rewind” is my latest novel although I am slowly working on another one.

  • The Force Awakens

    The Force Awakens

    Is there anyone like me who still calls the first film Star War, not A New Hope, and was totally disinterested in the prequels? I don’t go to the cinema usually and it has to be a film I really really want to see.

  • Pointless


    You may be thinking that is my opinion of this blog, so much so I have not posted anything for over 18 months, however that is not necessarily the case.

  • Birthday Blues

    Birthday Blues

    Well, another 20th February over for another year. Does anyone enjoy birthdays as little as me? Does anyone sit there and think I shouldn’t be this old, I haven’t achieved anything.