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By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Archives on 9th November 2015 0 Comments 1 min read
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You may be thinking that is my opinion of this blog, so much so I have not posted anything for over 18 months, however that is not necessarily the case.

Great minds think alike or, another term I have heard, there is nothing new under the sun. Not only have I seen one idea from my first novel used in Naked Gun and another chapter the basis of an episode of Relic Hunter but now my jokes are being nicked.

About three months ago when playing Trivial Pursuits, US politics came up and I hatched a joke. Which two US presidents used to be cops? The answer being Reagan and Carter. A derivative of this joke was just used on Pointless this evening. Amazing really because this is the second time it has happened to me on this programme. Last year I wrote to them and suggested they have a music round and two months later they did on the Celebrity show.

It just goes to show that different minds who have never met can have the same idea.

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