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  • Remember, Remember The 5th of Govember

    Remember, Remember The 5th of Govember

    Go! Vember what I said on Sunday! Let’s fire my works to the top. Guys fork out just 97p to be part of the meteoric rise. Let it be a month to remember. Rocket to Rewind.http://www.amazon.co.uk/REWIND-DAVID-A-WARDLE-ebook/dp/B00ANX65M6 Catherine, Wheel over to Trouble Crosshttp://www.amazon.co.uk/TROUBLE-CROSS-David-A-Wardle-ebook/dp/B00ANXF5CC Sparkling reads for less than the price of a sparkler. Be part of […]

  • Go! Vember! Govember is Here!

    Go! Vember! Govember is Here!

    Download now if you fancy a laugh today. Or alternatively you can be part of the fireworks on Tuesday. Revember, revember the 5th of November. Let’s make it a day to revember.

  • Kindle Surprise!

    Kindle Surprise!

    I have certainly been surprised by Kindle and in particular how hard it is to attract sales. My two books have now been out over 10 months and still not sold enough for me to have a peasant pittance let alone a royalty cheque. Of course, I am no salesman, and my marketing skills rate up there with Baldrick’s cooking and House’s bedside manner.

  • I Don’t Believe!

    I Don’t Believe!

    Now to get 4 stars from an organisation that would review books from a bestselling author is not bad for a partial part timer. By coincidence I have just started reading some of his books in the past few weeks. Spooky!