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  • And then there were four …

    And then there were four …

    Yes, it is true. Football is coming home! And just like when the original song came out in 1996, it was not the supposed main message that England were going to win a trophy after 30 years of hurt (now 55) but the actual fact that a major football tournament was on British soil for […]

  • Euroderision!


    After 18 months of hard living, it was supposed to be the uplifting, shining spectacle to herald the coming out of lockdown – for those of us into football that is – but instead it has been mediocre at best. We have had a week now of Euro 2020 Plus One and I have not […]



    Today is an historic day! Time travel – is it possible? A question that has intrigued man (and women) since the dawn of … er … well, time. Numerous TV shows, films and books have prophesied what might happen if this was possible. I have even written about it myself – ‘Rewind’ available on Amazon […]