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Andrew Redlaw’s quite and uneventful life is changed forever when he witnesses the abduction of a young woman during a driving lesson. His instructor insists that they pursue the car into which the girl has been pulled, resulting in a hair raising chase for the learner driver. This is only thr beginning of a search for a ciminal mastermind, a man with a spine chilling ability to manipulate the minds of others. It takes Andrew from his home in the north-west of England to a gruseome apointment in Cambridge and then to the desert of Arizona where, in a ‘Wild West’ tourist town, the blanks in the guns used to entertain visitors are replaced with blanks. Who will win the showdown?

This is my first novel, mostly written at the age of 18, and is out of print now but I am considering serialising it in my blog. There have been no reviews on this book.


This is my full comedy thriller which I have recently spilt up due to some constructive comments from readers. Personally, I prefer it all together but maybe I have a more complex brain than others. See the constituent parts below – Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate / T is for … / Doctor, Oh No!

Review from Read2Write:

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Everyone has wished sometime or another they could go back in time and have the chance to do something over again. Jason West has wished this many times. On his fortieth birthday, feeling his life is meaningless and empty he attempts suicide, but instead of dying he wakes up in 1971 still as a forty year old, but now inside the body of his eight year old self. Has he gone mad or is it real? Either way he now has the chance to relive his life and make changes using all the advantages, knowledge and experience he now has – well, how can he lose? Too easily.

Things don’t go at all the way Jason plans. He falls in impossible love, is pursued by his vindictive family and is hunted down by the media. Instead of being able to relive his life, which should now be full of opportunities he can turn to his advantage, it dawns on Jason that he has the daunting responsibility to try to save the innocents and warn the world. But with his
awareness of what the future thirty years hold who will take any notice of an eight year old boy.

What readers have said:

“I stopped reading books when my children were born nearly 25 years ago. I’ve picked up the odd book over the years but have rarely got past the first chapter. I was then recommended this book by my wife, and very soon got hooked, I didn’t want to put it down because I just had to know how it finished. Highly recommended.

A simple, but all the more entertaining for it, plot. The wit is dry and the humour plentiful. The ending is perhaps a little abrupt, but sets the scene very well for a follow up. I can easily imagine the calamity of an 8 year old hunting down Diana. Highly recommend for a light hearted read.

A very good read, intelligently put together, gripping from each twist and turn to the next, full of carefully crafted memories from the past (music, tv and films) and most importantly all done in a humerous manner, almost in the best possible taste, but then that was a decade later.

A good idea, well executed. Many of the characters really come alive and no matter what it is you feel for them, the story and the writing make you feel something!

“Great book, kept me guessing”

“As a big fan of time-travel stories, you can imagine I’ve read many a book with a similar premise to Rewind by David A. Wardle, where a forty-year-old man gets sent back in time to inhabit the body of his eight-year-old self.
So while I was hoping for an enjoyable read, I certainly didn’t expect a surprising one.

Wardle has managed to create a work of fiction that not only has wit and charm, but also manages to be unpredictable. Every time I thought that I could assume the direction of the next few chapters, Wardle twisted my expectations, nudging me into that ‘one more chapter’ state of mind.

His characters are full of personality, none more so that the protagonist Jason – whose fun quips and jocularity belie his well-written struggle underneath.

I would highly recommend this book, especially if you grew up in the UK in the seventies as the nostalgia certainly also adds an entertaining novelty factor to the proceedings.”

Readers Favorite Review:

Go to Rewind


Seven new traditional fairy stories, each one based on a proverb so ends with a little life lesson, with maybe a light chuckle for the reading parent too.

What a little gem of a book. Wardle is a great storyteller. Bought an extra copy for a present.

“I bought this to read as bedtime stories for my grandsons and it fits the bill perfectly. Nice little stories and just the right length.”

“Such a cute book. Highly recommend. I enjoyed the stories in this book. And definitely a great value for all you’re getting. The stories were the perfect length for my son who is 7 years old, they held his attention and kept him engaged. Overall good stories, and a helpful way for little minds to use their imagination, practice reading and increase their vocabulary. I would recommend to everyone!”

Readers Favorite Review: 

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T IS FOR … (Trouble Cross Back Story)

Thomas Robel is working as an insurance broker and visits a new client. Soon after he believes the client is acting suspiciously so tries to carry out his own investigation, leading to his own kidnap and attempts on his life. Can he survive?

This is Thomas robel’s back story told in various flashbacks in Trouble Cross. Om its own it is like a taster of the main story below.

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Pratt, Pratt. Wally and Pratt are a newly formed firm of insurance investigators, although only one person works there, Thomas Robel. He gets his first case from a mysterious American woman who appears unannounced at the office. The simple case of embezzlement is not all it seems and Tommy Trouble is drawn into a web of lies, kidnap and clown murder. In prison for a crime he didn’t commit can he escape and extricate himself from the sticky web of deceit?

This is the main story from Trouble Cross without the back story and James Bond spoof.

DOCTOR, OH NO! (Trouble Cross Spoof Story)

Go to Pratt, Pratt, Wally & Pratt Investigate

S.P.I.D.E.R. Sindy Cobweb (Agent W7) has her most ludicrous assignment to date. She must rescue the kidnapped professor, I.C. Nutting, and his new eyesight formula from the clutches of the combined enemy forces of S.M.A.S.H. and S.E.P.T.I.C. in their Eygptioan liar. Can she succeed?

This is my James Bond spoof that I was asked to write by a colleague back in 1988 for her boyfriend. They liked it so much they stuck it on their bedroom wall.

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