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By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 14th June 2020 0 Comments 2 min read

I have just coined a new word Clockdown – at least I hope I have. There are probably many people trying a few portmanteaus on for size – blockdown, flockdown, glockdown, stockdown. Even I have used the word lickdown, but that was an inadvertent typo. Now I haven’t decided yet whether Clockdown refers to counting down to the total easing of lockdown or the counting down until another spike and a more stringent lockdown. I am just patenting the word.

Shops open tomorrow! Shoes and handbag retailers are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Personally, I am not sure how this will work with a row of shops, if they all have outside queueing systems. One queue will be spilling into another with a terrible mixing of Ps (people) and Queues.

No extra shopping for me though because I have more important things on my mind – although I could do with some socks because mine have all gone religious – very holey.

The thing that concerns me is my support bubble. I have just read a brilliant article on the BBC News website – get me! reading the news, that’s new – by John Hand which is all about how a single person chooses the right bubble. He had various options to choose from and one to hope for. It is far simpler for me. I had no invitations to visit people before lockdown so why would I have any now? He does make a good point though. What if the single guy meets the woman of his dreams this summer but is already in a bubble with someone else? Better to reserve it just to be on the safe side, although in my case, I have been reserving such a bubble for many years and have the Rolos to prove it.

The clockdown is on. Tick! Tock!

PS Is anyone else having trouble sending birthday cards in lockdown? On every occasion,  I just stop myself licking the envelope in time. Using water though does not work properly and sellotape has to be used. Maybe now is a good time to buy shares.

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