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By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 4th May 2020 One Comment 2 min read
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Hello there! This is the first post on my newly created website. My last roll of the dice (do you like the blog logo?) in putting my writing out there, which for so long has been lost in the Amazon jungle.

It might be an odd time to do this when we are all living in such strange and dire times. In fact, this concept preceded the current state of lockdown but took a while to get launched.

Putting out a first post today is very meaningful to me in connection with my writing career – and I say that reservedly because it is not my career … yet. May 4th. Star Wars Day. If you happen to read My Writing Story, you will see the seed was sown at winning a school writing competition. The prize was a book token and I bought the Star Wars book. It was the novel of the film but with stills from the film in the centre.

We are all cooped up at home and there are many hours to fill, some of them reading books. Maybe a new author you have never even heard of before. To keep the children amused, how about some new fairy stories.

I feel I must apologise for the prices of the print versions of my books but this is out of my control and is based on how Amazon calculate / allocate the printing costs.

This site could be a double edged sword and now I must wait and see if I am blogging a dead horse.

May the Force by with you! And in the words of Hills Street Blues’ Sergeant Esterhaus, “Let’s be careful out there!”

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