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Birthday Blues

Well, another 20th February over for another year. Does anyone enjoy birthdays as little as me? Does anyone sit there and think I shouldn’t be this old, I haven’t achieved anything.

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Under Pressure!

Adventures in Abulancing

The year has only just started and I am already under pressure. And it could get worse. England may not win the World Cup!

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The Write Stuff?

The first day of a new year. Last year at this time I was still full of hope that my two books – newly issued as e-books – would launch my writing career.

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Football? A funny old game!

U.S. TRANSLATION:  Soccer? May the farce be with you?

“And welcome to the inaugural match of the new Deluxe Paints Primership. My name is John Dotson and this is football but not as we know it.” “How do you mean, John?” “That viewers, is one of my co-commentators for today, Andrea Grey. And as she well knows this is a new league set up […]

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