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By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 30th September 2021 0 Comments 3 min read
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Best advert on TV at the moment? The one where two reality stars are skipped over by Anna Friel – notice I knew Anna Friel but not who the reality stars were. Splat! Best thing that could happen. I would qualify what I am about to say next by stating I have never watched any of these reality TV shows – and never will – so I may be tarring everyone with the same brush. I don’t know these people but whenever I see one on a quiz show or something they all seem to be airheads who think they are God’s gift to TV and would not know a proper days work if it fell on them like a … well, skip. Drama versus reality – no contest.

Yes, one of the better adverts seen at present. Is it just me or are adverts just rubbish these days? Is it not funny how we can remember ads which used to be on when we were kids rather than what is on today? The PG chimps from my very early days, the secret lemonade drinker, the Smash aliens and you always knew when you’d been Tango’d. I always think adverts with humour work best. Comparing the meerkats was funny initially but not now, in fact the new one involving recruiting a gang of criminal types makes no sense. (NB Apparently meerkat is not in the Word dictionary as denoted by red underlining in my copy.) The first two Go Compare ads were humourous – only a tenner and good sound system – but again they are stale now. Which leads me nicely into my next topic.

Warning – the following paragraphs involve insurance so might be upsetting to some readers.

I usually keep the day job out of my quest to become a recognised author – yes that is what this blogging has all been for believe it or not – but the current Go Compare ad bugs me.

Most insurance policies carry an excess and there are various reasons e.g. to cut out minor claims, to deter fraud etc. but one other reason is to give the policyholder a stake in any claim. This is to make them diligent and act as though not insured rather than thinking “oh, I don’t need to take care I’m covered”. You are not supposed to, or allowed to, insure an excess, otherwise this aspect is lost. I am surprised then that there is the offer of covering someone’s excess on that TV advert and I am not sure how this is being done.  It seems to go against the principle. One would think they would have to have insurers’ permission to make such an offer but I would have thought insurers would be against it.

Turning back briefly to the main subject of writing, the process of attempting to attract a literary agent or publisher goes on – 5 rejections so far and that only by omission. No rejection emails these days, if one has not heard in 3 months one has to assume they are not interested. Oh, to be traditionally published, with books in an actual bookshop. Will these dreams ever be fulfilled?


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