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Do not read this until you have finished Wordle 235!
By David Andrew Wardle Posted in Blog on 9th February 2022 0 Comments 2 min read
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First there was ‘favorgate’ and today we had ‘humorgate’ or it may be better termed ‘humorlessgate’ as once again American spelling is the talk of the Wordle World. There are a lot of tweets imploring Wordle not to use US spelling because there are lots of people outside the States playing too. I have a feeling that they will be disappointed.

When writing a blog on Wordle the other week, I perused an article on how to cheat at the game. One of the ways was to predict the coming words and this article did do that for a whole week. The reason they could do that is because the words are already in the system.

As I understand it my Sir Namesake, Josh, prepopulated his game with thousands of words so he would not have to come up with them on a daily basis. Hence, the people who wrote the article I read were able to hack the game and come up with the next week’s words. Or so they stated in the article, and they did have the forthcoming words to back their claim up.

I just looked Josh up and he is in fact Welsh – wonder if there are any distant Welsh relatives in my family – but lives in New York and has worked in Silicon Valley. Ergo, (4 letters so unlikely to come up), he has been using US spelling and as the words are already in the game, us Brits will just have to live with it and learn. It took me 4 lines this morning before I twigged what was going on and it took me to 6 but at least I kept my streak.

Wordle 235 6/6


Now there is a rumor going about that tumor might come up, so we should do ourselves a favor and savor the game in all its free glory and full color while we can. For in the future there could be a US cost in addition to US spelling. Don’t labor too much and play with honor.

I wonder what the chances of ‘lotto’ coming up are. That would be a doozy.

PS: Anyone want to buy any U’s?

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